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We stock every single necktie that you see on our website, in our warehouse. We are not a drop shipper, reseller or partner. Chances are, we have the quantity and style you need. We typically keep 100's of each color / style combination in stock and ready to ship right out. On our more popular designs, we keep thousands of each tie in stock. If you are concerned about stock, feel free to contact us. We are here to help!
Are you looking for a wholesale necktie company based in the United States, with excellent quality ties at great prices, where the purchase process is simple? If so, you've come to the right place. We don't require extensive paperwork, simply create an account, then start shopping. features true wholesale pricing to the public. We offer our ties at the absolutely lowest prices possible, while still providing quality products to our customers. It doesn't matter who you are, or why you need your ties; we will be happy to provide them to you. Our single tie prices start as low as $4.95 each. When you buy in bulk you'll save even more - our bulk prices can drop to as low as $2.50.

Credit Cards

At, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. During checkout you will be asked for your billing address. Our credit card processor requires that you are able to provide the correct billing address for the credit card you are using, as it appears on your credit card statements or bank statements. We can ship your order to a different address, but for security reasons we do need the correct billing address before your order can be shipped. If you are unable to provide the correct billing address, your order may be cancelled.


In addition to credit cards, we do accept checks via the mail. To place an order and pay by check, simply create the order on our website as if you were going to be paying with a credit card, the select "Mail Check" as the payment method during checkout. Orders placed with Mail Check as the payment method will be held until the check has arrived and cleared our bank. Sending a check is not recommended if your order is time sensitive.

Purchase Orders

For pre-approved organizations, we do accept purchase orders. If you have been pre-approved for purchase orders, select Mail Check as your payment method during checkout, then reply to your order confirmation email with the purchase order attached. To be considered for purchase orders, please click here to contact us.

If after placing your order you need to change any aspect of the order details including the items on your order or billing and shipping details, we would like to help. Please contact us as soon as possible. Our warehouse is highly automated for efficiency and during the business day, orders are often packed up and shipped out just minutes after being placed. As you can imagine, once an order has been shipped out, we are no longer able to change or modify anything about it, so please reach out to us right away if anything needs to be updated.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our products and guarantee your satisfaction with every order. promises to deliver high-quality neckties, in excellent condition, to your door. If, for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer service team.

Standard Returns

All returns must be set up within 30 days from the day you placed your order. To receive a refund please be aware of the following:

- Refunds are for the price of the returned items
- Shipping to customer is non-refundable
- Returned merchandise must be new/unworn
- You must include the original packaging
- Customers are responsible for return shipping

If items are returned on an order shipped via Free Super Saver shipping, retroactive shipping charges may be assessed against the return.


Special order merchandise (items which we regularly do not stock, order extra inventory for you or order special just for you) will be charged a 25% re-stocking fee. Unfortunately, custom or customized merchandise is non-returnable.

Return to sender & refused packages

Packages returned as undeliverable or refused, will be treated as returns and credited back to the customer, less the shipping charges to and from the customer.

How to do a return

Please send all returns or exchanges to:, Inc.
338 E. Lemon St.
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689

We highly recommend all returns & exchanges are sent back to us via a shipping method that provides tracking. If your return does not arrive back here, we cannot process it for you.

Please reuse the packaging your order arrived in if it is still in usable form, otherwise you may use any suitable package. Take care to include either your packing slip or a printed confirmation page/email in your return, along with directions on how you would like us to process your return when it arrives. Upon receipt, we will notify you that your package has been processed.

Shipping & Delivery


The shipping goal is to have your neckties delivered to you in time for your needs, at the most reasonable price possible. To help us with this it is important that you carefully read over these policies and options, then select the shipping option that realistically best suits your needs.

During checkout our automated systems will determine which shipping options are available to your delivery address and the actual rates for those options. Prices for all of our shipping options are calculated in real time during checkout and directly reflect what each shipping carrier charges when shipping the number of ties on your order to your location. We do not mark up the prices of our shipping and any discounts we receive are passed on to you. Not all shipping options are available to all areas.

Orders placed after 2pm EST may not ship until the next business day. Shipping companies do not count the day a package is shipped, weekends or holidays as business days.

Shipping Address

Please check, then recheck your shipping address. In addition to delaying your delivery, all shippers now charge address correction fees for incorrectly addressed packages. Any address correction fees will be charged to your credit card.

Non-Delivery / Late Delivery Claims

If there are any issues with your delivery, in order to best assist you, we need to know as soon as possible. Claims for non-delivery / late delivery must be filed within 7 days of the carrier provided delivery date.

Return to sender & refused packages

Packages returned as undeliverable or refused, will be treated as returns and credited back to the customer, less the shipping charges to and from the customer.

Within the United States

The following shipping options are available to most of our customers within the United States. If one of the shipping options is not displayed during checkout, then it is not available to your delivery address.  Pricing is calculated in real time during checkout, based on your delivery address.

Orders placed after 1pm EST may not ship until the next business day. Shipping companies do not count the day a package is shipped, weekends or holidays as business days.

Free Super Saver Shipping

Typically delivered in 4 - 7 days, no delivery time guarantee, no insurance, limited tracking.  Not recommended for time sensitive shipments.

Standard Shipping

Typically delivered in 3 - 5 days, no delivery time guarantee, no insurance, limited tracking

Priority Mail

Typically delivered in 2 - 4 business days, no delivery time guarantee, up to $50 of insurance coverage, limited tracking


Delivered in 3 - 5 business days, delivery time guarantee, insurance, full tracking

Expedited Two-Day Shipping

Delivered in 2 business days, delivery time guarantee, insurance, full tracking

Express One-Day Shipping

Delivered in 1 business day, delivery time guarantee, insurance, full tracking

Outside the United States

The following shipping options are available to most of our customers outside of the United States. If one of the shipping options is not displayed during checkout, then it is not available to your delivery address.  Pricing is calculated in real time during checkout, based on your delivery address and does not include any customs, duties or taxes that may be imposed by your country. Customs processing times are not included in delivery times and vary from country to country.

Priority Mail International

Typically delivered in 7 - 14 days, no delivery time guarantee, no insurance, limited tracking.  Not recommended for time sensitive shipments.

UPS Worldwide Expedited

Typically delivered in 2 - 5 days, no delivery time guarantee, no insurance, limited tracking.  Not recommended for time sensitive shipments.

Shipping Rates

Prices for all of our shipping options are calculated in real time during checkout and directly reflect what each shipping carrier charges when shipping the number of ties on your order to your location. We do not mark up the prices of our shipping and any discounts we receive are passed on to you.

Guaranteed Delivery

For guaranteed delivery times, suggests customers use Ground, Expedited or Express shipping options.  These are the only shipping options that offer delivery time guarantees.  It is important to remember that shipping companies do not count the day an order is shipped, holidays or weekends as shipping days.  UPS and FedEx services are backed by UPS and FedEx money back guaranties.  Please visit or to see the terms and conditions.

Non-Delivery/Late Delivery Claims

If there are any issues with your delivery, in order to best assist you, we need to know as soon as possible.  Claims for non-delivery/late delivery must be filed within 7 days or the carrier provided delivery date. 

Free shipping offer

Free shipping with no minimum purchase is available for all orders shipped to addresses in the United States. To take advantage of this offer, it must be selected during checkout. Orders shipped via free shipping may be shipped via any available shipping carrier, at our discretion. Free shipping can take 4 - 7 days for delivery and is not recommended for time sensitive shipments. If the customer has provided an incorrect shipping address, and the shipping carrier charges a address correction fee, this fee will be passed on to the customer. When using free shipping, if more than 75% of the original order is returned, our standard shipping charges for the service used, will be retroactively applied to the order.

Processing Time

Orders are typically shipped the same or next business day, depending on several factors including the time of the day the order was placed, the shipping option selected and order volume. The shipping department is open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time. Orders placed after closing on a Friday, will be processed and shipped on Monday.

Business Days

The listed delivery times for each of our shipping options is in business days.It is very important to understand that shippers do not count the day a package is shipped, weekends or holidays as business days.

Delivery Guarantees

For guaranteed delivery, suggests customers use ground, expedited or express shipping options. Free Super Saver shipments do not have any delivery time guarantee. For all other shipments, FedEx/UPS both provide delivery time guarantees. Delivery time guarantees are subject to the terms and conditions published at

How can I track my order?

After you place your order with, you will be given an order number on the checkout confirmation page. We will also email you a confirmation email that includes your order number and a direct link to track your order.

After that, your order can be tracked online 24/7 on our website or by calling us toll free at 1-888-440-8437. On our website, log in to your account to view your orders and their current status and tracking.

Once your order has shipped, we will email you the FedEx/UPS/USPS tracking number and you can continue to track your shipments progress in our tracking area or even directly on the shipping companies website.

If you do not have access to your account and would like to track an order without logging in, please click here.

Our Company

Amazon Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Policy ("ADPP") governs the receipt, storage, usage, transfer, and disposal of the data vended and retrieved through the Amazon Services API (including but not limited to the Marketplace Web Service API and SP-API). This policy is applicable to all systems that store, process, or otherwise handle data vended and retrieved from the Amazon Services API.

1. General Security Requirements

Consistent with industry-leading security,, Inc. (“The Company”) will maintain physical, administrative, and technical safeguards, and other security measures (i) to maintain the security and confidentiality of Information accessed, collected, used, stored, or transmitted by the Company, and (ii) to protect that his Information from known or reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to its security and integrity, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure, and all other unlawful forms of processing. Without limitation, the Company will comply with the following requirements:

1.1 Network Protection. The Company will implement network protection controls including network firewalls and network access control lists to deny access to unauthorized IP addresses. The Company will implement anti-virus and anti-malware software on end-user devices. The Company will restrict public access only to approved users.

1.2 Access Management. The Company will assign a unique ID to each person with computer access to Information. The Company will not create or use generic, shared, or default login credentials or user accounts. The Company will implement baselining mechanisms to ensure that at all times only the required user accounts access Information. The Company will review the list of people and services with access to Information at least quarterly, and remove accounts that no longer require access. The Company will restrict employees and contractors from storing Information on personal devices. The Company will maintain and enforce "account lockout" by detecting anomalous usage patterns and log-in attempts, and disabling accounts with access to Information as needed.

1.3 Least Privilege Principle. The Company will implement fine-grained access control mechanisms to allow granting rights to any party using the Application and the Application's operators following the principle of least privilege. Access to Information will be granted on a "need-to-know" basis.

1.4 Password Management. The Company will establish minimum password requirements for personnel and systems with access to Information. Password requirements will be a minimum of twelve (12) characters, contain upper and lower case letters, contain numbers, contain special characters, and rotated at least quarterly.

1.5 Encryption in Transit. The Company will encrypt all Information in transit with secure protocols such as TLS 1.2+, SFTP, and SSH-2. The Company will enforce this security control on all applicable internal and external endpoints. The Company will use data message-level encryption where channel encryption (e.g., using TLS) terminates in untrusted multi-tenant hardware (e.g., untrusted proxies).

1.6 Incident Response Plan. The Company holds and maintains a plan and/or runbook to detect and handle Security Incidents. Such plans will identify the incident response roles and responsibilities, define incident types that may affect Amazon, define incident response procedures for defined incident types, and define an escalation path and procedures to escalate Security Incidents to Amazon. The Company will review and verify the plan every six (6) months and after any major infrastructure or system change, including changes to the system, controls, operational environments, risk levels, and supply chain. The Company will notify Amazon (via email to within 24 hours of detecting Security Incident or suspecting that a Security Incident has occurred. The Company will investigate each Security Incident, and document the incident description, remediation actions, and associated corrective process/system controls implemented to prevent future recurrence. The Company will maintain the chain of custody for all evidences or records collected, and such documentation will be made available to Amazon upon request (if applicable). If a Security Incident occurred, The Company cannot represent or speak on behalf of Amazon to any regulatory authority or customers unless Amazon specifically requests in writing that the Developer do so.

1.7 Request for Deletion or Return. The Company will permanently and securely delete or return Information upon and in accordance with Amazon's notice requiring deletion or return within 72 hours of Amazon’s requests unless the data is necessary to meet legal requirements, including tax or regulatory requirements. Secure deletion will occur in accordance with industry-standard sanitization processes such as NIST 800-88. The Company will also permanently and securely delete all live (online or network accessible) instances of Information 90 days after Amazon's notice. If requested by Amazon, the Developer will certify in writing that all Information has been securely destroyed.


2. Additional Security Requirements Specific to Personally Identifiable Information

The following additional Security Requirements will be met for Personally Identifiable Information ("PII"). PII is granted to The Company for select tax and merchant fulfilled shipping purposes, on a will-have basis. If an Amazon Services API contains PII, or PII is combined with non-PII, then the entire data store will comply with the following requirements:


2.1 Data Retention. The Company will retain PII for no longer than 30 days after order delivery and only for the purpose of, and as long as is necessary to (i) fulfill orders, (ii) calculate and remit taxes, (iii) produce tax invoices, or (iv) meet legal requirements, including tax or regulatory requirements. If the Company is required by law to retain archival copies of PII for tax or other regulatory purposes, PII will be stored as a "cold" or offline encrypted backup (e.g., not available for immediate or interactive use).

2.2 Data Governance. The Company will create, document, and abide by a privacy and data handling policy for their Applications or services, which govern the appropriate conduct and technical controls to be applied in managing and protecting information assets. A record of data processing activities such as specific data fields and how they are collected, processed, stored, used, shared, and disposed for all PII should be maintained to establish accountability and compliance with regulations. The Company will establish a process to detect and comply with privacy and security laws and regulatory requirements applicable to their business and retain documented evidence of their compliance. The Company will establish and abide by their privacy policy for customer consent and data rights to access, rectify, erase, or stop sharing/processing their information where applicable or required by data privacy regulation.

2.3 Asset Management. The Company will keep inventory of software and physical assets (e.g. computers, mobile devices) with access to PII, and update quarterly. Physical assets that store, process, or otherwise handle PII will abide by all of the requirements set forth in this policy. The Company will not store PII in removable media, personal devices, or unsecured public cloud applications (e.g., public links made available through Google Drive). The Company will securely dispose of any printed documents containing PII.

2.4 Encryption at Rest. The Company will encrypt all PII at rest using at least AES-128 or RSA with 2048-bit key size or higher. The cryptographic materials (e.g., encryption/decryption keys) and cryptographic capabilities (e.g. daemons implementing virtual Trusted Platform Modules and providing encryption/decryption APIs) used for encryption of PII at rest will be only accessible to the Developer's processes and services.

2.5 Secure Coding Practices. The Company will not hardcode sensitive credentials in their code, including encryption keys, secret access keys, or passwords. Sensitive credentials will not be exposed in public code repositories. The Company will maintain separate test and production environments.

2.6 Logging and Monitoring. The Company will gather logs to detect security-related events to their Applications and systems including success or failure of the event, date and time, access attempts, data changes, and system errors. The Company will implement this logging mechanism on all channels (e.g., service APIs, storage-layer APIs, administrative dashboards) providing access to Information. All logs will have access controls to prevent any unauthorized access and tampering throughout their lifecycle. Logs will not contain PII. Logs will be retained for at least 90 days for reference in the case of a Security Incident. The Company will build mechanisms to monitor the logs and all system activities to trigger investigative alarms on suspicious actions (e.g., multiple unauthorized calls, unexpected request rate and data retrieval volume, and access to canary data records). The Company will implement monitoring alarms to detect if Information is extracted from its protected boundaries. The Company should perform investigation when monitoring alarms are triggered, and this should be documented in the Developer's Incident Response Plan.

2.7 Vulnerability Management. The Company will create and maintain a plan and/or runbook to detect and remediate vulnerabilities. The Company will protect physical hardware containing PII from technical vulnerabilities by performing vulnerability scans and remediating appropriately. The Company will conduct vulnerability scanning or penetration tests at least every 180 days and scan code for vulnerabilities prior to each release. Furthermore, The Company will control changes to the storage hardware by testing, verifying changes, approving changes, and restricting access to who may perform those actions.


3. Audit and Assessment

The Company will maintain all appropriate books and records reasonably required to verify compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy, Data Protection Policy, and Amazon Services API Developer Agreement during the period of this agreement and for 12 months thereafter. Upon Amazon's written request, The Company will certify in writing to Amazon that they are in compliance with these policies.

Upon request, Amazon may, or may have an independent certified public accounting firm selected by Amazon, audit, assess and inspect the books, records, facilities, operations, and security of all systems that are involved with the Company's Application in the retrieval, storage, or processing of Information. The Company will cooperate with Amazon or Amazon's auditor in connection with the audit or assessment, which may occur at the Company's facilities and/or subcontractor facilities. If the audit or assessment reveals deficiencies, breaches, and/or failures to comply with our terms, conditions, or policies, the Company will, at its sole cost and expense, and take all actions necessary to remediate those deficiencies within an agreed-upon timeframe. Upon request, the Company will provide remediation evidence in the form requested by Amazon (which may include policy, documents, screenshots, or screen sharing of application or infrastructure changes) and obtain written approval on submitted evidence from Amazon before audit closure.


4. Definitions

"Amazon Services API" means any application programming interface (API) offered by Amazon for the purpose of helping Amazon Authorized Users to programmatically exchange data.

"API Materials" means Materials we make available in connection with the Amazon Services API, including APIs, documentation, specifications, software libraries, software development kits, and other supporting materials, regardless of format.

"Application" means a software application or website that interfaces with the Amazon Services API or the API Materials.

"Authorized User means a user of Amazon’s systems or services who has been specifically authorized by Amazon to use the applicable systems or services.

"Customer" means any person or entity who has purchased items or services from Amazon's public-facing websites.

"Company" means Now Group UK Ltd.

"Information" means any information that is exposed through the Amazon Services API, Amazon Portals, or Amazon's public-facing websites. This data can be public or non-public, including Personally Identifiable Information about Amazon Customers.

"Personally Identifiable Information" ("PII") means information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, identify in context, or locate an Amazon Customer or Authorized User. This includes, but is not limited to, a Customer or Authorized User's name, address, e-mail address, phone number, gift message content, survey responses, payment details, purchases, cookies, digital fingerprint (e.g., browser, user device), IP Address, geo-location, nine-digit postal code, or Internet-connected device product identifier.

"Security Incident" means any actual or suspected unauthorized access, collection, acquisition, use, transmission, disclosure, corruption, or loss of Information, or breach of any environment containing Information.


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